Originally from Oxfordshire, Shirley studied fine art at Cheltenham and printmaking at Bradford. She has facilitated art workshops at Henshaws Art & Crafts Centre in Knaresborough for the past 22 years. Recently, she moved to Nidd and started to paint from her local environment, working en plein air and from her experience of woodland and the wider landscape. Shirley has many years' experience of painting people – her family, friends, pets, commissioned portraits and paintings from the life class.


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Nidd Gorge Viaduct

Acrylic on Canvas

Road to Nidd Church.jpg

Road to Nidd Church

Road to Nidd 2.jpg

Road to Nidd

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Skelliggs, West Kerry

Acrylic on Canvas

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Poppies in the garden.jpg

Poppies in the Garden

Acrylic on Canvas

Nidd gorge 2.jpg

Nidd Gorge

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Reflections in Nidd Gorge.jpg

Heron Wood, Escrick

Acrylic on Canvas

View from the studio.jpg

View from the studio

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Rock in woods.jpg

Rock in Woods

Acrylic on Canvas

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Knaresborough Viaduct.jpg

Knaresborough Viaduct

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Commission Piece

Joh with pigeon.jpg
Viaduct from Mother Shiptons 1.jpg

Viaduct from Mother Shipton's

Covid Piece

Portrait of Sue.jpg
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Winter Wolds.jpg

Winter in the Wolds

Acrylic on Canvas


Reflections in Nidd Gorge

Acrylic on Canvas

Rock in the woods, monument.jpg

Rock in the woods, monument

Rock in the Woods.jpg

Rocks in the woods



Towards Abbey Island, Derrynane.jpg

Towards Abbey Island, Derrynane, SW Ireland